I lost my Litecoins!

Hello, i am a new LTC User/Trader. I wanted to withdraw 5 LTC from my Kraken Account to Litecoin Core Wallet. I used the program generated Link and succesfully send 5 LTC from Kraken Account. But during transaction Litecoin Core program was downloading Blockchain (%20) .
After i complete the transaction in Kraken somelater the program crashed and i restarted my pc and the Program download resumed and finished. I Kept waiting to see my coins in my wallet but the coins never appeared!!

Thank you for any help.
Yigit Bakkalbasi

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Ok I ve found my Coins are not gone but they are “Not yet redeemed”: How can i redeem them in to my wallet?

try to “request” your coins from your wallet.

fill out the “request” form and click “save” i think… that should do it

When i request it generates a new adress…
I think my problem is the adress created by program is somehow deleted during crash so the coins are stuck in the middle!!

Help, please!

I will give 50 euros who solves this.Please? Anyone??

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Okay whats going on??
you sent coins to your wallet and havent received them yet??

Do you know what the address is to where you sent them???
what program are you using?

Yes ive sent coins and didnt received them in to my wallet.

Yes i know the adress ive send. But i dont know any public key or whatever…

I used Krakens interface in their website and Litecoin Core in Windows 10 as Wallet.

I offer 60 euros whoever solves this problem.

You can also e-mail me; yigit_bak@hotmail.com

okay so when you go to Litecoin Core… You don’t see any transactions?

Also, how much did you send? and did you pay the fee to send??

Yes i have paid the the fee. After 10 days of transaction, still cannot see any transaction receiving or going in Litecoin Core.

I dont know if it helps but this is the transaction;

Did you solve this? I have the same problem. Well I bought LTC and send it to the Litcoin Core while it was still syncing and after that the address was gone. Didn’t receive my coins and it also generates an another address if you try to open that specific wallet for receiving. It is a lot money just gone on a blockchain. I thought to put it ‘safe’ on a desktop wallet instead of an exchange but then this happens. I really hope there is a way to get them back. My transaction / wallet that failed & is gone LKb9zTYduieDXtQYRoyzS4wUtBbRp31gtA

I am curious, did you recover your LTC?