I hear a lot of people saying that Doge will make Litecoin stronger. Why is that?

I know doge is a fork of litecoin. But why does that mean that the success of doge will be the success of litecoin?



its often merged-mined with Litecoin and others, which means the computer working to get LTC is at the same time solving at DOGE and whatnot… some have it setup so they get DOGE and LTC others just get LTC and have the merge-mined coins automatically exchanged for LTC, like litecoinpool.org … currently its mining there at 420% that means, i get 420% more LTC then just mining LTC on the LTC chain only… its often 3-4 or even 5 chains simultaneously being mined for that reason… its good for LTC and good for these merged mined.
… so if DOGE high LTC mining is worthwhile for more miners…


you can mine LTC on the original litecoin pool. www.litecoinpool.org and make by merge mining dogecoin and litecoin (at the same time) and get a 400% payout (currently) above your existing LTC mining you are doing anyway. Also NO FEE POOL. You are paid out all above in LTC however…that is why dogecoin coin up is killing this…scrypt miner-wise.