I have Private Wallet on Linux system Need Help!

I just tried to send my Litecoins to Exodus, a platform that works as a wallet and an exchange platform. the coins were unconfirmed and as I did the transactions in the last 2 days, I hope they will be dropped soon so I can retrieve my balance, and eventually move them into a more up to date NEW wallet. But I just need toget them from my private wallet somehow…

I’m stuck because my system is a Linux and its more complicated than I thought! The wallet is Qt.

Anyone wishing to shed some light on this? Ideally I want to go to a technician in a shop here in London! its time consuming to say the least…I hope somebody can help, its technically out of my remit

If you sent from qt you can cancel the transaction before it confirms just right click the transaction in your qt wallet and cancel.

unfortunately the right click only gives you these options:

Copy Address
Copy label
Copy amount Copy transaction ID
Edit label
Show transaction details

Any other advice wholesomely appreciated :smiley:

then you already have a confirmation for that transaction…open console under help and dump your private key for that transaction by typing the following into console:
walletpassphrase “your walletpassphrase here” 600
dumpprivkey [your Litecoin address here]

the 600 unlocks the wallet for 600 seconds giving you time to type the dumpprivkey followed by the address containing the coins…now that you have your private key…open your new wallet you want to import the coin to and as long as it is a core wallet you can open console and type importprivkey (followed by the private key)

you may need to rescan after that but I don’t remember as its been a while since I swept a key

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