I have a litecoin wallet, but cant see it in litecoin core

I have a litecoin wallet, i an see my litecoin via a live blockcypher com / ltc / address / xxxxxxxxxxx
adress. but, i want to do some business with my coins so i downloaded litecoin core. And i cant find anywhere to add my wallet(i have the private key and address)

Using litecoin core version 0.18.1 on a mac

Some more notes, it seems that there are a “default wallet” loaded, but how do i change that to my real one?

please assist!

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You must import your private key to the wallet.

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Yes, i understand that. but i cant figure out how to do that! what??

You have to import your .dat file. There’s lots of tutorial on the internet for importing your wallet.dat file for different OS.

hmm, but i dont have a file? i just have the long codes?

Any of the codes begin with a T ?

No, I have an adress och a private key 52 digits long
The adress is 36 digits i think.

52 characters is the correct length for a key, but litecoin keys usually begin with a T.
If it begins with a K or L then that’s a bitcoin key.

Whatever the case, you can try to import that key when creating an electrum ltc wallet.

I don’t think that is so clearcut. I think Bitcoin keys can be valid Litecoin keys, too. I had a problem previously, that I’ve sent LTC to my hardware wallet’s BTC address. (Coinbase didn’t warn me that the address looks like a BTC address, because it was also a valid LTC address, naturally.) It was possible to recover the funds finding the derivation path of my hardware wallet and constructing the LTC key from the seed. This was years ago, I don’t remember the details, but the different versions and codings of keys and addresses are very confusing.

bitcoin keys are valid litecoin keys, they are however presented in a different way

when you convert the keys down to hex representation they end up looking the same, but wallets do a conversion to a different representation

it’s the same with addresses

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Yes, I agree. Sorry, I see now, that this is not an old wallet recovery topic. There were so many of those recently, I got confused. :smiley:

Maybe the case here is that the paper wallet is actually a bitcoin segwit wallet. That would mean that he can see the balance with a litecoin explorer but all litecoin wallets refuse his key, because its not in the correct format.

Support for legacy segwit addresses in litecoin was a bad decision maybe?

This is from an old answer:
Open console under the debug window in Help and type importprivkey (followed by the key) and this will put them in the digital wallet on your computer…


Trying this solution… it sais [default wallet] Rescanning and t has a bar under it that seems to go in turtle speed :slight_smile:

I hope this was the one. Thanks in advance guys!


This one was the solution! Thank you again all of you!