I have a litecoin wallet, but cant see it in litecoin core

I have a litecoin wallet, i an see my litecoin via a live blockcypher com / ltc / address / xxxxxxxxxxx
adress. but, i want to do some business with my coins so i downloaded litecoin core. And i cant find anywhere to add my wallet(i have the private key and address)

Using litecoin core version 0.18.1 on a mac

Some more notes, it seems that there are a “default wallet” loaded, but how do i change that to my real one?

please assist!

You must import your private key to the wallet.

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Yes, i understand that. but i cant figure out how to do that! what??

You have to import your .dat file. There’s lots of tutorial on the internet for importing your wallet.dat file for different OS.