I have a bunch of unconfirmed transaction on old wallet but want to upgrade asap. What do I do?

Hi LTC community,

I have been holding on to my ltc since 2014, and I attempted to send 9 + 1 LTC’s to Coinbase about 2 weeks ago. They have not been confirmed and I think they were sent back.

I see online my balance is still my original ltc count, but my wallet shows -9 - 1 LTC’s. If I upgrade, will I lose out on my coins? How can I get the unconfirmed coins back. I believe it is because I did not provide a good transaction fee to move them over. Any help would be very appreciated.

Here are the transaction IDs
1 ltc= ddd9d088e95ea3ac1b0611b2c8438237bb9a6b2fd038568572585a76675f6533
9 ltc= b3807d115e507dc107131d27ef6fba7eda0e924ec730ee5097ffd87b87d8a294

QT version 4.8.5

backup your wallet before updating.

them update…

Now, let it sync, go to your transaction tab and abandom the transactions.

i will try that and keep you posted. I really hope this works. Thank you so much Pedro!

Hi Pedro,
I need your help.
I downloaded the updated ltc wallet from litecoin.org (litecoin-0.14.2-win64-setup.exe) after syncing my wallet and backup my wallet.dat file. Note that my computer is 64 bit, yet I believe that the wallet I am updating is a 32 bit version litecoin- Upon going through the setup process, I see the Litecoin Core logo screen and it said ‘updating blocks…’, then it says ‘rewinding blocks…’. It hasn’t moved from this screen for the past 1 hour. Thoughts on what is going on?
Thanks so much my friend,