"I can't stop Litecoin! I can't stop it!" - Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee (@coblee) appeared on Show me the crypto podcast and said some interesting things people need to hear:

  • There’s no innovation on Proof of Stake, the whole concept was there before Bitcoin. It got better but still don’t solve the problem bitcoin and proof of work solves.
  • Energy use of bitcoin/litecoin is better than Christmas’ lights.
  • That he sold his coins for around $200 USD.
  • The beauty of Litecoin is that he can’t stop it.
  • He decided to use a different algorithm of Bitcoin because he didn’t want that BTC miners to jump over coins and be able to attack smaller coins by using lot of hash power (problem that affects BCH and BSV)
  • It was becoming easier and cheaper to Litecoin miners to attack DOGE coin and that could harm the crypto space, so he proposed merge-mining on mutual benefit.
  • He do have a few NFTs!