I cannot access my wallet in LiteVault URL I cannot access my wallet in LiteVault URL 'https://www.litevault.net/wallet/login' as it is down for long time as it is down for long time

I cannot access my wallet in LiteVault URL as it is down for long time


Need anyone help please as I have all my Litecoin in it

Take a look at this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/k92n1r/is_litevaultnet_dead/ and also: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/q07i8t/litevaultnet_not_safe/

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I have checked the provided links but still cannot resolve my issue. could you please advise if someone can help me getting my LTC back?

There are many suggestions on the links above. Could you tell us which ones you have tried and how did those fail?

the website is down, so the suggestion about SSL certificate or 2FA is not applicable. the other suggestion is to contact majestic84 and I am not able to send message to him as he is disabling this feature and don’t know how to approach him. Moreover, I don’t have the private key to use it in another wallet app. Appreciate if someone can help me

I don’t think I lost my wallet, but the Litevault site is down and we need someone that have access to recover my LTC coin from it. Also, I don’t have any data about the LTC except the username and password for the website

У меня такая же проблема с сайтом URL-адресе LiteVault. мне тоже нужен ответ.

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I have the same problem with the LiteVault URL site. I need an answer too.
Look up the site in the cached version. or if lucky you get it alive:

Some sites block countries. A VPN could solve that issue.

Stop posting FUD. It’s working for everyone but you

I have tried with VPN and still have the same issue. It was working and even if you check the domain you will find it available that means the website is no longe available. Please need someone to connect me with the responsible one to resolve it.

@Mtriz, can you show me if it works with you as I have tried many times and from different regions with my friends but with no hope

Go to bing.com paste just litevault.net without https and click the 3 small dots in the right upper corner of the result to get to the cached version.

Unfortunately doesn’t work as well, just shows login page without any further action that I can do.

Maybe @losh11 knows how to contact him.

@losh11 Appreciate your support please as still cannot access the site and seems unavailable.

I hope if someone can help me on that please.
@losh11 please help if you can

same here , can’t access litevault for half an year or maybe even more than half an year , I tryed everything :frowning:

Appreciate if anyone can help me.
@Arturas_Jegorovas , have you find anyway to resolve this issue?

I’m having the same problem. Website is down, cached version wont log me in, and I would like to access my LTC, anyone have any ideas?