I can´t send LTC to another wallet

I can´t send LTC to another wallet, the system indicated me, that

“Can´t fit fee of 0.012 - lower your sending amount”

I had tried to send 0.1 LTC and show me the same message, i have enough by paid the fee


You’re trying to send all the LTC in the wallet so there is nothing left to pay the fee,
Try sending 0.1 - 0.012 = 0.088

The transfer will work then.


No, I have more than 0.5LTC, I had tried with 0.5 0.4 0.3 so 0.1

See the screenshot

Okay this is coming from an online source. You’ll have to contact them, likely they are the only ones that can help you.

Who are them? for write them


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Ok thanks a lot