I am new, Help me plis

Hello, I am new to the world of virtual currencies, I would like to start mining, I have looked for several tutorials but none have solved my doubt, how can I start mining from scratch, I only have a graphics card and I want to start with a program that be a bit easy to understand… can someone help me?


just buy… dont mining…

It doesn’t make sense to mine. It’s too competitive and it’s hard to make a profit. Use an instant exchange to get litecoin (LTC) and hold it for long. We think that cryptos will increase in value and you will make a profit.
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mining will always make sense, but you will have to invest big money these days for it. i you really want, go for it.

i which somebody had said me this 5 years ago.

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Read it and ask if you have any questions. GreetingsNotes on Altcoin Mining

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I have the technical ability to mine but yet I buy all my crypto. Why? Because its easier for me to earn the difference and more by sticking with my main business and paying others for the rest.


Graphical Card and a PC isn’t anymore enough, even for LTC, you should opt for an ASIC miner or something like that.