I accidentally sent my Litecoin to a Bitgo Bitcoin wallet that I have

So I was trying to send my Litecoin from my Coinbase account into a Litecoin wallet that I have on Bitgo but I made the stupid mistake of sending it to a Bitcoin wallet that I have on Bitgo instead and the transaction still hasn’t gone through. Is there any way that I can get that Litecoin back or will it ever go into the Bitcoin Bitgo wallet? It’s been about a week and nothing has happened. I would really appreciate any help I can get.

the transaction will never go through so, since you send from coinbase, contact there support and wait.

I did and they keep telling me that I just need to talk to the person that I sent it to and get them to send the money back to me even though I told them it was me that I was sending it to and the transfer won’t go through because I sent it to a bitcoin address.
Here is where it is on BlockCypher if that helps at all:

No transaction found with the hash 5e59ce59a01eb2af55d61ebac1fa5462151f35d44a87ea55042f8dcd6cc01e18

it will go back to your wallet

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Do you know how long it tends to take for it to go back? It has been about a week.

go abandon the transaction at ur wallet there and abandon that transaction

The transaction of CoinBase says that it was confirmed being sent in and I can not abandon it. What do I do then?

then its will auto go back to coinbase account soon