I accidentally sent my Litecoin from Litecoinlocal.net to a wrong address. NEED HELP PLZ!

I accidentally sent my Litecoin from Litecoinlocal.net to a wrong address.( an address that litecoin wallet provided few days ago and I didn’t know they will change the address every time.) Unfortunately, This address is available and it’s sent into someone else’s wallet. This there any way to cancel the transaction or get my Litecoin back? the address that I withdraw is LhEAuVo4WtpjZhWCST54PW3HWZ5kXToKn2. Amount is 0.48338.
Thank you guys so much

what wallet did you used?


the transaction it’s been confirmed, there is no way back unless the owner of the wallet send them back.


I use Loafwallet and is there anyway I can contact the owner?

I sorry there is really is no register which holds the addresses (1000+) linked to each wallet and who has downloaded it or uses it. Its one of the benefits of cryptocurrency. I am sorry you had to find out this way.

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I am not expert in loafwallet but I will take a lot, and see if there is a way…

it was in Android or iOS?

I think I have found a a solution…

I found out that Litecoin was into my account and IDK why it doesn’t show up with the amount.
Thank you guys so much

so you got your coins?

Hello pguerrerox,

I also did the same kidn of mistake. I deposited in LTCU address instead of LTC addres from Coindelt .com to Cryptopia .com exhange.
The trx ID is 0e4fe2aeba777b90a0d643aff9caf0c8b89ee83591c63cfa11ae063ff6c8eef4
The LTCU addr which it deposited is - Lhx44BxqprEKTj6X2aXtwKNQf2dtrpcJq8
The LTC addr which it was supposed to be transferred is - LXPrfssiViEmEQJKHRDMYG3cbRAGNKfpc8

Hope the LTCU address is not same for any of the LTC address.

So, please help me in reverting back the money. I am ready to pay any fine.


you still dont understand what we talk about even god also cant help you this u just only need to wait the ltc to go back to ur account


I completely understand the issue. But I am just worried, how will it automatically go back until it is triggered back with some way.
Is there really a chance for the coin to go back automatically until experts work on it.
This is the only doubt I have.


experts also cant help u to revert ur transaction lol

Ok. Thanks.

Atleast, please tell me, what will happen if the address does not exist to any LTC address.
Is there any timeline for the LTC to go back if it is not consumed.

72hours later . because ur coindelt wallet is belong to coindelt u have to contact coindelt about ur issue