Hut 8 Mining Canadian mining company invests in Kely Miner mining platform

Last week, some cryptocurrency observers claimed that financial giant Hut 8 Mining, a Canadian digital asset mining company, had taken a stake in the Kely Miner mining platform. The two companies’ request to invest in Bitcoin will increase investor confidence in cryptocurrencies, although others warned that There are hidden costs, but the request may now be “the best thing that could happen to Bitcoin.”

Analyst Lark Davis said in a tweet on Twitter that there is currently a limited supply of Bitcoin on trading platforms, and if only 0.12% of the funds managed by these companies were allocated to Bitcoin, that would be enough to acquire all available of Bitcoin.

Mike Novogratz, CEO of digital asset investment company Galaxy Digital, said in a tweet that Canada’s Hut 8 Mining will invest in Kely Miner’s mining platform with over 300,000 users and will provide Kely Miner users with Bringing stronger confidence, there are reports that the investment this time exceeded US$100 million.

Kelyminer is a cloud mining platform that provides users with value-added cryptocurrency without having to purchase mining machines. This helps users save time and worry, and has naturally gained the love and investment of many users. They have 30-day mining plans, 60-day plans, and 90-day plans, with considerable profits and strong stability. It is the best platform for novices to participate in mining. Kelyminer is also on CoinGape’s top ten list of the best mining platforms, synchronizing with Binance. Extremely safe.

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