Can a gpu miner generate 3710 Mh/s? There is a product called promax 7.2 which claims to do so. Does any one have any reviews on it as i planning to go for one.

Is it 3710 Mh/s in a single unit?

Promax 7.2 generates 3710 Mh/s in a single unit as they are using graphic cards of P102. The hashing performance of these cards are generally very high.

Yes even i was confused earlier about the Mh/s this miner can give, later i got to know from my friend that its possible and even i had contacted the customer care team and they informed me the 3710 Mh/s are because of the use of 68 graphic cards of p102.

I had come across this miner on youtube. The 3710 Mh/s is because of the use of Nvidia P102 graphic cards. The plus point about this miner is that it uses less power consumption as they are built with inverter boards and circuit.

I had seen this miner on their site, it looks huge and powerful. I am more in favor of this miner as it works on multiple algorithms making it easy to mine various coins.

This product is only available for sale from Promax7’s official site, as they are the only supplier for the same and they take payment in crypto.

They are using P102 graphic cards and i guess this is one of the reason for the shortage of these cards.