HR 5635 petition your congressional reps in the States


With the same players and McConnel as the Leader of the Senate…this will go nowhere. We will have another few years of ‘gridlock’ until then Democrats take over the Senate. He is not gonna change his game plan now and let Biden get through any laws, just like he has done with Obama…thus ‘gridlock’. Guys his age, don’t change. The sad part is, IF, the Senate Leadership ‘would’ release some bi-partisan bills, most would pass, but again, that seems very frigging unlikely. Same old, same old, I’m afraid. :frowning:

There will be this bill and more. As far as gridlock cryotocurrency is quickly becoming bipartisan. Many rather hold funds in crypto or metals than fiat right now.

Some news organization did an informal poll of Senators on what they’d like to work on bi-paritsan and vote on…there was a LOT…but Senate Leadership won’t let it come to the floor. This is true of Covid-19 and stimulus and DACA etc, etc. So I expect much in the way of ‘wishing’ for cooperation with the Senate and even less chance of it happening under Biden. The reason is according to polls before the election, the Senate Leadership under Mitch McConnel showed Trump support at 34%…indeed for most of Trumps term…the election showed more like 48%…so the Senate has even less reason to work in a bi-partisan manner than they did in the last 4 years under Trump. It will stay girdlock IMHO unless in the special Georgia elections in Jan 2021 the Democrats win both and get Senate…otherwise it will be 2 years till the next Senate race to try again.

I don’t see why this bill wouldn’t be bipartisan. It doesn’t really conflict with the politics of either parties, and this sort of stuff would usually get passed if it gets to the senate. The big struggle will be getting this seen and through the house.

Again, there are a whole ‘slew’ of bi-partisan bills in the Senate over 600 last I heard…in the old days you at ‘least’ had to vote them down…in 2020…you simply don’t bring them up to the floor at all…thus gridlock…and more of the same I’m afraid…pretty slick…if you don’t even vote a bill up or down anymore it is damn hard to take the blame…if bills are never passed in your district or state…kicking the can down the road it seems…gridlock.

But yeah, if bills were allowed to be voted on in the Senate…all heck would break loose and many would pass…but this way…you don’t have to pass any from the ‘pesky’ Democratic House…don’t ya know.


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