HOWTO - Claiming your free LCC coins (if your LTC were on a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor)

Since Litecoin Cash (LCC) has successfully forked recently I’ve been asked over and over again how to claim these LCC coins so I decided to write a small HOWTO for this.

Most people moved their coins to a LTC Core wallet before the fork so they could easily claim their LCC coins. Other left their LTC coins in their hardware wallet and are now having troubles claiming their LCC coins because their hardware wallets have no support for LCC.

If you left your LTC coins on your hardware wallet you can successfully claim your LCC coins by extracting the private keys of the LTC addresses that held LTC coins during the fork. Then import these private keys in LCC core. For segwit address there’s an additional step required (adding a witness address) but it’s all very easily doable.

I have created a small page, based on iancoleman’s BIP39 tool, which you can find here:

You basically just enter your 24 recovery words. Then select the Legacy or Segwit tab.
Then search in the list of generated addresses for your LTC address(es) where LTC was during the LCC fork. Then import the private key listed next to it in your LCC Core.

The exact commands you need to enter in the LCC Core are shown on the tool page (last step).

If anyone needs more help with this. Feel free to shoot your questions here.

Lance how you can see in which private key LTC was during the LCC fork? I just got 100 LCC and waiting for the other 100. I have sent succesfully private keys to LCC wallet. Now I have to wait hours, all night or day untill it stops searching, not getting any LCC coins anymore. I have 30 private keys.

On you can enter a litecoin address and it’ll tell your the current LCC balance

They tell there not using a private adress

Ofcourse not.
Never enter any private address on any website!