How Will Litecoin (And Crypto in General) Impact The Mom and Pop Hustles

Hey everyone,

New to the space here and wanted to ask what the community thought about the impact of cryptocurrency on small businesses. Will it help to progress them, hinder them, perhaps even create opps for new small businesses such as entrepreneurs who invest on behalf of others. Could litecoin be used in one’s invoices?

An article I was reading on this subject talked about how cryptcourrency expedites the confirmation process. and how cryptocurrencies like litecoin can verify in 20 seconds but how much further can this go?

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Linkden and Quickbooks already make it possible to accept and redeem bitcoin and have it recorded in statements in their software…dont see why litecoin cant be next

I didn’t know Quickbooks had this capability. Does Xero as well?

Not sure…my mom is an accountant and she showed me her quick-books page had a “Redeem Bitcoin” link…I read an article that intuit is working on cryptopayment integration with their software about 6 months ago…