How we can make e wallet of litcoin

how we can make our e wallet for litcoin please help me

Go to and download the wallet for your device

@Aone717 are you asking about the litecoin wallet or an electronic wallet, as in a web app type wallet?

Hi. I am interested in this type of wallets, so I can access it from any device and any place. Can you help me with it?

got to and download a wallet for your device…

thank you

Personally, I find the Litecoin home page foolish.
It provides the NEW visitor with NO USEFUL INFORMATION.
It simply shows those blue box with Download written on them,
the NEW visitor has no idea what they will be downloading,
they certainly dont know it contains anything to do with their needed wallet.
I just nervously Downloaded the software for my system,
I think I have created a Wallet, but Im not 100% sure its done correctly.
I got a message after I gave the wallet a passphrase to say a new encrypted wallet
was being downloaded, do not delete the other wallet until the message had disappeared.
The message disappeared and I got no indication if the new encrypted wallet was in place or not.
There is ONLY ONE wallet where I made it, is it the new encrypted one, or the original … I have NO idea.

Advising people “go to litecoin site and download the wallet for your device” is NOT good enough.
Other sites to do with cryptocurrencies are equally unhelpful.
Sorry, if that upsets someone, but, thats the truth from a beginner

3 years later that has not changed :roll_eyes:

I agree there is a lot of stagnation and nerdy behavior in crypto.
As always you need to pay for experiences. Nowadays a picture says it all so is the believe of many of the younger generation.
Well let me tell you it is not. I suggest to read and better take notes when a newbie has the courage to admit it.

Litecoin Core is not a good option for people who are not proficient in IT. Also, it uses a lot of storage space due to downloading the entire blockchain*.
Its more suitable for special use cases like a backend application or where the need for improved privacy / security justifies the computing resources.

For most people I would suggest Electrum LTC which is a lightweight client and supports BIP32 for easier backup and restoration. It also supports hardware devices**.

*This can be reduced through pruning.
**Not functionality which I have tested

if it weren’t for the gas fees ETh would be almost perfect.
Litecoin is next to perfect but lacks in community work.
A forum is there mostly for problem solving.
No proper YT or Telegram channel.

And so far no visible will to change.