How to use litecoin-cli to get address?

I’m totally new. I just downloaded and compiled the newest version of litecoin core on an ubuntu 16.04. The deamon worked well, then I wanted to list my current address via the litecoin-cli using a command as litecoin-cli getnewaddress. But I could not find similar command searching for the litecoin-cli help information. It there another way to get the address or other information? Hope someone can help me!

Click file and receive address then you can get ur new address there

Can I use command line tool litecoin-cli to get the address? The ubuntu server is a bit far from me. I can’t us the qt GUI.

you need to use this command


default acount is “”.

to get a new address put string inside the quote, that will become the label of the address.

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sorry, I’m stupid. I wrote the wrong litecoin conf file. The wallet function has been disabled. Now litecoin-cli getnewaddress works well. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks a lot. I just found the wallet function was disabled. Because I’ve tested the p2pool mining. Now it works well. Sorry to bother you. Thanks again.

can you please help me , i am not able find the address , kindly share the exact command which we need to use to get address after starting litecoin node