How to Setup and Run a Full Litecoin Node

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yeah I need to do this just for giggles…have a raspberry Pi around here someplace

just never have the time to sit down and do projects anymore

I did break down and get a bitseed v2 pre-built bitcoin node for probably 65 bucks more

then I could build one…its cute…but they only offer it as a btc node

kinda dumb in that with like 1 hrs of work with above you could change any of their

btc node devices to an ltc node device…maybe they are hard core btc only type folk

anyway I’ll ponder the video again likely continue to procrastinate

this is just a video on downloading core wallet…which is a full node doesn’t say anything about linux…check out for pi nodes

thanks mis-read…another project I never have time to toss up :frowning: