How to send LTC to MetaMask wallet?


I want to send LTC to MetaMask wallet.

In MetaMask I have several networks installed (Etherium, BSC, Avalanche, Harmony, etc), but could not find a way to add Litecoin network. I tried to send LTC from the local exchange (sends LTC by litecoin network by default), but the MetaMask walled address was identified as invalid address and could not sen.

Is there a guide that I can use to do that? Or may be someone help please.

Thank you

Metamask is for Ethereum and L2 tokens on their network. Litecoin has its own blockchain which is similar in protocol to Bitcoin.

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Thank you,

The fact is that I could add LTC in Metamask on BSC network. I also read from the link on this forum (system does not let me to put link in the reply) and it seems possible to send LTC to Metamask from Binance (have not tested that yet).

I still do not have answer on my question

I am aware of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and it gives me that option in my Binance account, but I have not used it.
The native LTC blockchain is fast, very cheap and supported by Litecoin Core, Electrum LTC, LiteWallet (Android) and many others.

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So, is there a way to add litecoin network on MetaMask?

On reddit they have done it:

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Thank you Nick,
I read that post before I posted here.

I could not find any way to add litecoin network to MetaMask, but I managed to send LTC to MetaMask wallet through BSC network (sent it from Binance). I also transferred LTC from one MetaMask wallet to another MM wallet (of cource fee was in BNB).

So topic is closed for me.

Thank you all

If you send LTC on the BSC network and you pay the fee in BNB, then that is NOT LTC. That might be a wrapped LTC, but real LTC can be sent only through the LTC network and blockchain.