How to securely transfer litecoin from paper wallet to coinbase?

My husband bought litecoin 3 years ago and we need to cash out (buying a house). We have it stored in a paper wallet and have the private and public keys. I tried to watch several videos on youtube but each one is more confusing than the next. To the point that they got me all scared that I can loose that money if not done properly. Can you point me to a recommended tutorial (written or filmed) that will walk me step by step? I need the “withdrawal litecoin for dummies” version :wink: TIA


Hi, install Electrum-LTC on your Windows PC, when it starts and asks for creating new wallet, in the step that asks “What kind of wallet do you want to create?”, select Import Litecoin or private keys.
Then put your keys in the next window.
Now you have access to your LTC.
Feel free to send me a message if you need help.


Does your husband know?

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Hahah… That’s naughty

Nirama, I don’t know in which part of the world you live but it’s great you saved enough LTCs to buy home. First advice is to hold if you can. If you can’t then keep reading.

1 - My first suggestion is you sell to any buyer who is interested in your LTCs and share your both keys with him. Make sure you get dollars first and you promise to share your keys with the buyer.

2 - Second way could be to take help of expert in his physical presence and let him help you do this stuff.

3 - It is simple if you know the procedure but if you don’t know you can by mistake send it to some address that later you forget or don’t know and then no one in the world can retrieve your money. That will become the part of the big graveyard of lost and forgotten keys in the blockchain. And this is the beauty. So secure. No thief can steal it so easily. Modern thieves need atleast masters degree in computer science… Hahha

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This is very easy procedure and I think pretty much standard for all types of wallets.

Summarizing high level.

1 - Have your public and private key in hand
2 - Install wallet software on your phone or PC
3 - Import keys into the wallet
4 - Finish

You still need to encash them.

1- Now make account on an exchange where you can sell these LTCs

2 - You need now transfer LTC to Exchange address.

3 - Once above is done your previous wallet should be empty.

4 - Sell those LTCs on exchange for cash and then withdraw cash to your linked Bank Account.

5 - Go to ATM and withdraw.

6 - Send us prayers for the free help.

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Thank you