How to run pruned litecoind node on 1gbram , 1cpu ubuntu vps?

Dear community,

I am new and i need your help now…

My project:
I am building the exchanger website for multi currency. I have website up and running great.
The thing is I am using paper wallets and put public keys into my database. But as said that is not automate work so i need to do every
transaction manually.

What i want to goal?
I want to automate my website with rpc connection to my wallet vps.

I have bitcoind running very good with consuming 5% of cpu with 1 core.

I want to get litecoind working too but I need litecoin.conf to not take a lot of server resources.

Can somebody help me to get running my litecoind pruned node on small vps like mine on ubuntu?

Thank you,
I hope i will be pointed to solution, google is not friendly with this problem.