How to restore litcoin

Hello all.

I have .dat file on a USB, I have followed the instructions at:

But when I open litecoin after transferring the old .dat file, nothing happens, the old coins do not show.
Can anyone advise me as to what I can do?
Thanks in advance.

Assumising you are using windows need to replace the wallet.dat with your backup file in your application data folder for litecoin under c:/users/(current user)/ Appdata/roaming/litecoin and then you need to rename it wallet.dat and make sure you delete the first wallet.dat so there is only one
If this is what you did…try starting litecoin from command prompt after you “cd” to the location you have litecoin-qt.exe saved…type litecoin-qt.exe -reindex -rescan

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Ah, thank you, my mistake was that I wasnt renaming it wallet.dat.
I have done that and it has worked now.


I have two backups of my LTC wallet, one encripted one not.
I cannot access the encripted wallet as its not accepting my PW.
Will they both be the same account, so I can get back in with the nonencripted one or will it not work like this?

you can restore the unencrypted one if you have a copy of that back up…

You are a life saver, worked a treat.
I just now need to try and somehow get back into my Metamask account, it’s on a harddrive that’s crashed and I think the seed key is also there as a screenshot… ahahahahahah

I know the PW but that doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks again, I now have my 2 LTC back.