How to reset / rerun Litecoin-qt core / delete configuration (e.g. pruned node settings) under Linux

Where does Litecoin core (e.g. 0.21.3) store the inital setup (path to blockchain; prune node yes/no)?
I don’t find anything in /etc
no wallet.dat
no peers.dat
no litecoin / bitcoin conf file

Still, even after deleting the Litecoin core folder and re-unpacking it, it remembers (my faulty) settings I made and won’t start anymore…even after reboot

Usually on Linux the default data directory is ~/.litecoin, so most likely a file in there.

finally! The missing hint. I never knew what to look for. In my test case now it is ~/.config/Litecoin/Litecoin-Qt.conf cause the .config seems to be the ddd of armbian. But even on other distros, I never found this…so I always reinstalled the entire OS whenever I experienced this problem. Same with Bitcoin Core…

Thanks @losh11

So funny, I tested on a very aged, almost obsolete hardware Odroid C2…and it runs in Qt GUI
(pre-loaded the blockchain data of course from a faster computer…)

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