How to reset Litecoin-QT Application under OSX

I need to reset (delete walled, Settings and everything but the app) the litecoin-QT application under OSX.

I already did a full search on my system and deleted everithing with litecoin in its name, but when openint litecoin-QT, the wallet (and information about my custom directory to the blockchain) does still exist.

Can anyone help out please?

make a backup of you wallet saving it externally on a flash drive…I use more than one because I am crash paranoid myself…anyway…that’s really all you need…you can delete all you want and even reformat and reinstall…once you reinstall Litecoin wallet open the “Appdata” folder (or whatever the application data folder is called in mac; I’m a pc guy my self) and replace the wallet.dat file with a copy of your backup and rename it wallet.dat
( Looks like Google search says the folder is located at: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ )
Then Restart Litecoin and let blockchain sync up

where ever you tell Litecoin to save the data when you first install it is going to be where the wallet.dat file is located…for example I have a Litecoin wallet saved on an external drive and I told litecoin to save blockchain data in a folder on that drive named data. and I saved a text file containing ( start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data ) then saved it as startlitecoin.bat and I click that to start my external wallet and it uses the data on that drive and I can use it on any windows pc…

I’m sure it works the same with Mac and Linux…these functions are pretty standard


after deleting all application data, Litecoin-QT simply recreates them
on the next startup and does not let me create a new wallet (new
passphrase aso.). Thus this data has to be stored somewhere else. But where?


if u want two wallets then you have to install litecoin in 2 different locations and save the blockchain data in 2diff locations as well…I use an external drive to store qt and created a batch file with the following in it: start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data then I jsut open qt with the batch file and now i have 2 wallets…I can have the same wallet by having a copy of my back up in both folders as well…make sure to rename your backup to wallet.dat and your all set…so are you trying to have 2 different wallets? then save 2 wallet .dat files in 2 different locations…when you install litecoin into the new location it will ask you where you would like to save the blockchain data…usually in windows its in the “App data” folder which is a hidden file…

Hi ab,

thanks. I actually want to delete my (certainly empty) wallet and create a new virgin one.

ab (too)

On Macs, the Blockchain and wallet are stored in the hidden folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Litecoin

Open Finder, select GO --> Go to Folder, then enter the link above.

There is no Litecoin diretory in ~/Library/Application Support:

tree -L 1
├── AddressBook
├── Keka
├── LICEcap
├── LaTeXiT
├── LibreOffice
├── MobileSync

On OSX, It always was and still is the default directory for Litecoin-core QT. A new feature with 0.13.2, is the option to change the default directory during a new installation. Unless you did that, or deleted the directory during your search-and-delete bonanza - this is where the config file, wallet, and blockchain are stored.

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I’m not a mac guy but in windows you have to check the “show hidden items” in the folder options in order to see the file…maybe you need to make sure you have administrator permissions to system folders?

Thanks. I missed to mention that I configured a custom directory.

The problem persists tough.

  • I delete the whole content in this directory (wallet ++)
  • I start Litecoin-QT

Expected result:

  • I get asked for a pass-phrase for my virgin wallet

Actual result:

  • I do not get asked for a new pass-phrase

then your backup is not in the proper folder…where ever your “application Support” folder for Litecoin is…that is where you need to put it

I do not want to restore a backup. I want to create a virgin Litecoin-QT installation, including a virgin wallet with virgin pass-phrase.

oh…my bad…then just do what you did and re-download and make a new password…if your old stuff is still showing up in that wallet then you need to relocate it…I use an external harddrvie3 as a secondary wallet myself which can be just a second virgin wallet to as long as the appdata files are different…

install litecoin into a new location…like a usb drive over 25 gb or just a separate folder…

create a new folder where you’d like litecoin installed…install it there and make a new folder in that file called “data”…then you can create a batch file with the following in it…start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data
save it as whateveryouwant.bat and then click on the batch file to open the new wallet

just remembered again…your using OSX…batch file equivilent is : bash

and the data directory is : datadir = /new-data-dir/ so you will need to open a text file and type start -/new-data-dir=data and save it with a .sh extension
then open the “newdatadirectory” which will run the command to start litecoin and save the blockchain in a separate location

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately it does not answer my question why I do not get asked for a new pass-phrase. Which is the one and only issue I have.

Because it won’t.

I don’t know where you got the impression that the software would ask you to enter a passphrase on creation of a new wallet. It doesn’t work like that for Litecoin-QT.

Electrum-LTC will ask you for a new passphrase, but not Litecoin-QT.

If you want to encrypt your Litecoin-QT wallet, you have to select Settings --> Encrypt Wallet, and restart the software. By default, all QT wallets are un-encrypted - no wonder why so many get hacked…

EDIT: If you own more than 1 BTC (or equivalent in LTC) - you should really… but I mean REALLY, consider getting a hardware wallet (Trezor, KeepKey, or Ledger). They keep your private keys out of the internet - period! They rock!

They are HD wallets compatible with most wallets - including Electrum.

They all support BTC, LTC, DASH, ETH on the same hardware wallet… and can also help you login with Google Drive, DropBox, and alike, for your normal files (instead of using username and passwords).

This is technology for year 2020, but available for the privileged, 3 years early…

Ah, thank you NeriosEole. I can not believe it’s unencrypted by default.

Thank you very much.

I can store different currencies at once on those devices, did I get this right?

its un-encrypted by default because it is up to the user to set the security…you are the teller with crypto…qt clients don’t use a passphrase by default because not everyone wants to use a password they can forget especially if they are just using the wallet to transfer between multiple parties and exchanges like I do…I use my wallets peer to peer and online…Core wallets are the only “non centralized wallets” which is why they require the entire blockchain to be downloaded to use them…wallets like electum that give a seed phrase use that phrase to recover coin by using the phrase as a really long password…

I see. Thank you for clarification @bakd247.