How to implement LTC for a small business?


Any suggestions / tutorials / procedures on how to implement LTC payments for a small business ? I would like to be able to receive LTC for services my business offers. The thing is, due to taxes and other stuff eventually everything has to be routed through fiat and as such has to appear in the books. But I would love if my clients (and they support the idea maximally) could pay for services my company offers in LTC (as many of them are world wide distributed).

I have no clue how to do this and do not know anyone who I could ask. Pleas any advice would be more than welcomed.

Thank you


My friend, do I have the exact thing you are looking for!

I use Coinbase Commerce, so simple, no tax. No fees.

Look at my website and see how it is implemented!

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Hope it helped!

There are a few other payment gateways too. I know there are a few plugins for wordpress

Good day to you! To be honest, I don’t know a lot in crypto business, but I know a lot about business in general and maybe I’ll help you in something. When you’ll start to work well check this site . It is the service of outsourcing bookkeeping that will do all hard accounting work instead of you. Best bookkeepers in Singapore are working there.

There are two ways,

  1. Code your own payment processing script and run a NODE for supporting it.
  2. Integrate an external PAYMENT PROCESSOR which supports AltCoins (Cryptocurrencies)

Search over google for further suggestions on Crypto Currency processors.
Best of Luck