How to get transaction fee for sending some ltc to another account?

estimatesmartfee is a api call method to get transction fee for sending some ether. If my account has 1 ether, when I check with the api call it works fine, but when I have 0.999 ltc, the estimatesmartfee method does not work, rather I get JSON integer out of range (code -1). Please let me know is there any other way to find transction fee for sending any amount of ltc.

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stuck in same situation

I am confused here, is the issue estimating fees for sending Ether or for sending Litecoin?

if you go to console and type “fundtransaction” (txid)
then it will fund your transaction automatically for you according to the coin settings you have set under coin control features
recommended minimum is 0.001 LTC per byte