How to generate the taproot (p2tr) address

Can I generate the address with litecoind or whatever?

If I can, What version of litecoind?

I want to test all about the taproot address.


Use ur litecoin-cli and type in
help getnewaddress
That will give u detailed information about this command including the possible address formats.
U need the newest version from


Thanks for the answers.
But I tried to do the command ‘getnewaddress’, ‘bech32m’ for taproot is not in the supported type in any versions.

Yes that’s right.
Supported format’s are
legacy, p2sh-segwit, bech32 and mweb

I’m not sure which is the taproot thing :sweat_smile:

As I know, The taproot softfork will be enabled soon (

So, I wanna generate a taproot address for testing my service.

But I cannot find a way to do that.

I’m worried that I will not be able to withdraw to taproot address(starting with ltc1p). Because the current version considers the addresses as invalid.

In which version will the feature be available?

I only tested mweb functions
That address starts with ltc1q

In 2 weeks round about rc6 should go live