How to buy LTC, how to trade

HELLO.This is my first exposure to virtual currency,I want to know how to buy LTC and how to pay

Hello! You should look for the entry-level (or gateway) cryptocurrency exchange — in other words, you need an exchange that accepts fiat money. There are many of them on the market. The next thing that you should think of is if you are ready to share your personal data (a selfie with the ID, etc) with regulated exchanges or choose to keep anonymous and use an unregulated decentralized exchange. For example, you can buy Litecoin on Bisq or IDEX. You should bear in mind that decentralized exchanges have low liquidity so the transaction can take too much time and the price can appear to be excessive. On the other hand, verification of your identity on the centralized exchange can take more time, but due to high liquidity, you will buy LTC faster and at a better price. Although it depends on the exchange. Read reviews, read user reports, compare what you read, and choose what you like! One of the entry-level centralized exchanges is Kraken. Read about it! You can buy Litecoin there.

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If you’re interested in purchasing Litecoin, eToro is a great option. This site is well known because it invented “social trading” which, as you may already know, consists of investors being able to imitate the investment strategies of other traders who have been making profits for a long time.

You can buy cryptocurrency using plastic cards on the StormGain exchange