How to buy litecoins with cash?

I just want to buy more litecoins but with cash, how can I do that without crazy fees guys ?

Okay everytime there are too many fees compared to others methods …

I think it’s not worth it for the moment :frowning:

Take a look at LitecoinLocal ran by Someguy123. It allows users to meet up with other users who are willing to accept cash for Litecoin in a Craigslist like method.

It also accepts other online payment methods such as PayPal be has very low fees.

LitecoinLocal does not seem to be reachable:

Cloudflare gives a cached version of the site.

Krakens fees are not too high:

Exchange your cash and send the money to kraken to do the exchange.

Works well in europe.

Seems to work for me?

Litecoinlocal works for me as well, must have been a temporary issue.

Nevermind guys, Kraken verification went fast so I could transfer.

But I think that we should find a way to buy LTC with cash and without too much fees

@John LitecoinLocal has just a low 1% fee. Of course it depends on your location, we don’t get much volume in the US, but we get plenty in Europe (especially the UK and the Netherlands).