How to backup my litecoin wallet

I have the Windows 10 blue screen of death. What file do I need to extract from my hard drive to be able to back up my litecoins. Also where can this file be found. Thanks :slight_smile:

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You need to backup your wallet.dat file.
I’m not sure where is it located at windows. I suppose it’s in AppData.
I hope you can find it by yourself with that information, anyway I’ll come back tomorrow and try to be more specific.

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Yeah thanks I ended up finding it out myslef but to all those who might want to know.

Go to Windows Search in the start menu
Then search for %AppData%
Press enter
Then go to the file "Litecoin"
Find the file "Wallet.dat"
Then save this file to you desired location.

The full url for the file is:

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Please can you tell me how to get my litecoins back from wallet.dat?? My litecoin core wallet is empty after a recovery install of Windows X. The back up is also empty! When I install the backup I get the last version of the wallet> empty after filling in the password.

Was it a cold storage solution?