How to access old wallet - only have private key, identifier key & wallet ID

I have an old LTC wallet that I’m wanting to access but all wallet services I see online either require a password or ‘paper key’, neither of which I have.

It was my understanding that I could simply access the wallet through the private & identifier keys - both of which I do have.

Further to the mobile wallet apps, I have tried Litevault, Litecoin Core and Electrum wallets. None of these have these seem to have the option to import my private key and access funds from there. Electrum does allow me to input a private key but then after that it treats it like a brand new wallet and says I have zero LTC (which I know is not true as I have already checked the wallet address on the blockchain).

Is anyone able to help?! Thanks in advance.

There are multiple options since you have the private key.
Both of these options use the litecoin core node GUI from

  1. run and sync a full node, import the private key into one of the node’s wallets, and then re-scan the wallet to pickup all the utxo’s associated with the private key. then you can use the node GUI to send a transaction as you normally would.

  2. get the utxo info, use the full node console to generate and sign a raw transaction using the private key and the hex of the scriptPubKey, etc…


Something to try might be the various address formats and the ‘derivation path’

Unsure right now what the LTC derivation path is, but here is a screenshot of Electrum desktop version importing a wallet from a BTC seed:

Try all three address formats in three new wallets in electrum, then maybe tweek the derivation path if that is necessary.

You may need to go digging in the documentation of the software you used to make the wallet you are trying to reaccess. Derivation paths can differ for different wallets