How often do you workout?

How often do you workout? What sport games do you like to play? Let’s share!

Shotokan Karate 3x a week. Though now with Covid-19 by myself and using Google Meetup Classes with a Go Pro. Look up Shotokan on YouTube, anyone can join whatever age. Classes start very, very easy to get you up to par eventually…so no real strain to see if it is your cup of tea.


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I run 3.5 miles 5 days a week and play basketball

every 2nd day

I run 5 miles every day and when I have time I play Soccer.

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You should try a martial art…I do Shotokan Karate…you can make progress 2x a week in a martial art. Just saying. :slight_smile:

I love swimming, but I don’t have a pool and don’t live nearby one. So, I force myself to go to the gym 2-3 times per week

Daily half an hour or One hour i workout which keep my mind and body coordinated.

I have coming, in the mail, a Concept 2 rowing machine (about 1k) and just got a Tonal (don’t ask…way too expensive and yuppie pandemic perk). I also do Shotokan Karate 3x a week and should probably ‘lightly’ play with some stuff on my own 3x a week for another 3 hours. My thinking goes like this. I’m retired, so I may as well get in much better shape. I tired to ‘roll out of bed’ and run 3x to 4x a week…or jog actually…but with the Shotokan Karate that was too much for the knees. I can do Karate 3x a week or run …but I can’t do both. Thus the plan to ‘roll out of bed’ and use the rowing machine set as ‘aerobic’ mode’ and thus core training and no knee issues, instead of running. Then do the Tonal 3x a week, on days not doing Shotokan, with 1 day off of everything. Anyway, may as well get fit in that the pandemic is likely not to go away until next 2021 Summer. Shotokan ‘sucks’ with masks, but it is better than no Karate training. The ‘advantage’ of course, is if you, blow enough $$$ on this stuff, you are screwed and have to use it. If you join a marial art, there are people who expect to see you 3x a week. Thus ‘screwed’…my lazy ass self into getting fit. :slight_smile:


Daily about an hour each day.

not enough!

About 3-4 hours daily.

Ack! My body ‘hurts’ remotely on your behalf. I mean I average maybe an hour 6x a week but I mean really? wow! You got to be a personal trainer or something?

I love to do workout. You should also do this.

I’m going to gym 3 days per week

I’d join a martial art 3x a week …get some skills with the workout. Only join martial arts groups that are

legit w/o contracts etc. Any legit Shotokan Karate/Judo/JuJitsu etc works in that manner month to month.

Anyway, my suggestion. I was crummy at a gym by myself, I’d be ‘eww’ I’m sweating time to hit the hot

tub and the juice bar! :slight_smile:

what do u suggest?

Join a martial art.any age can join…you have a group of people to work out with and you learn

some self-defense as an aside. I done Shotokan Karate for years, look it up on YouTube. Also

remember no matter the style or type of martial arts all ‘legit’ places will OFFER you month to

month training…and not require ‘contracts’ or ‘rank’ guaranteed fro a lump sum. Also remember

‘most’ ‘legit’ martial arts use the Japanese Black Belt Dan System of grading…with colored belts

which means about 5 years or year long training with some breaks for an average of 3x a week

for 1.5 to 2 hrs a session. Anyway, the trick is ‘just show up’ everyone understands that if you 'just

show up for 2hrs a day 3x a week to play the Piano…in 5 years you will be pretty good. The same

for a martial art…it is the day by day that gets you there. Anyway, look around, ‘avoid’ mcDojo’s that just

give out rank. If you want to train your kids…look at Shotokan videos of kids can compare them to the

dojo/gyms of other martial arts? Are the skill levels equivalent or not?..beware places where you can

get a black belt in 1.5 years! McDojo no matter the age!

may want to take them to. As an example you may not know a lot about say ‘gymnastics’ but

you can still tell the difference between good and bad …same works for a martial art. Anyway, what I

did years ago, I was worthless at a ‘gym’ I’d be bored to tears, then say…well I’m sweating now…quit

and go to the ‘hot tub’…I needed more than just a workout I needed martial arts for thinking as I

worked out…exercise for exercise sake did not cut it. Anyway, good luck!


I try to aim for working out 4-5 times a week. I do everything at home and I do some cardio, calisthenics on a different muscle group every session, and stretch almost every day. I used to not like working out but now that it’s more or less a habit I actually find joy in it.
Other things I like to do are roller blading and going to spin classes (can’t do them with the lockdowns though).