How Much Will One Litecoin be worth by 31st August 2019

I feel you…In fact, I think price will fall further. Until November perhaps, we may see some rising action, coupled with some nice tech announcement (privacy, as you mentioned) may nicely bolster the price of LTC.

180 $

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My guess is $109 USD

218 is my guess

Man are we all off. Currentlly with a bit more than a month to go the price as of right now is

$88.62 sheesh. FML. :frowning:

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Gonna get worst - nice up price anytime soon, don’t think so. nice up price by nov/dec, possible.

HODL. You don’t lose when you hold. you only lose when you sell. Buy low. Sell high. This is law. :fist_right::fist_left: Hang in there mate.

I think so 184$
But I hope arrive at upper than 300$



93,57$ :wink: