How long does it take to create professional website design?

How long does it take to create professional website design?

There are many variants that will slow down or speed up your time in creating your own website.

Totally depends upon the features and type of website one need for their personal or professional use.

Usually website with totally custom features take time, but making website with a CMS is easiest way to have it in days.

It is interesting for me too

Depending on the design requirements and its further application to functionality.

Right, it depends. But from what I’ve heard from my pal who is a professional web designer it takes up to a week for an experienced person to create a landing page (not the simplest one). And I mean just DESIGN, without coding

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I have created a website in about 2 weeks. This depends a lot on how many features you want to add and how beautiful you want to make it.

It depends on your requirements and whether by “create professional website design” you mean a flat non-functional design (such as in Photoshop) for presentation/mock-up approval or a fully functional built design.

If Photoshop, it can be done in a day. If you mean functional then it could be months depending on what functionality you want. If it’s a simple brochure/information site with no user interactivity other than a contact form then a this could be from a day to week depending on how much information you want in it.

It depends on your website design and features of the website.

I agree with all the above. My first website was on a 9600 baud modem on an aol dial-up, an account in 96. Things are much easier now :smiley:

For a one page customized website, its takes almost 1 week. And for a custom website with AMP pages, responsive pages along with content writing, graphic design and live chat, form development…

It can take 1-2 months to make it stand for competing with other websites on search engines.

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It depends on the kind you want to make, a standard website could take anywhere between a week to month depending on the details which goes inside it. If it is a big project then it could take months. So, generally depends on the requirements.