How high will it go? $200 maybe

I remember posting on the old forum about $2 not being profitable to mine. :grin:

So what it price target this time?

Post your guess

It was only profitable to mine with a gpu for about a week after the price jump only because the difficulty was still low…now its over 600k and my 50mh/s of asics only makes .025LTC on average per day…so it is not immediately profitable but one could mine a few fractions and hold them until the price goes to 1000…that’s what I did…I mined .25 LTC with my GPU which at the time was nothing but today is worth 12.50 + USD but at the time I mined was only worth $1
so its your call if you want to use the electricity to earn a potential future fortune…that’s the way I looked at it and it paid off by making double my money back of what I paid for my miners…so I’m happy now but if I had waited one more week I would have screwed myself…
if there is one thing I have learned form crypto trading and mining is to go with my gut and not to procrastinate and second guess myself because I loose every time I do…so now I just go with the flow and just don’t “rely” on mining to be something that pays my bills rather its my retirement…
FYI…my cellphone has earned me 15000 satoshis in bitcoin since last year…which last year was nothing and is a few dollars today

Sure, mining is a hard thing to do. It’s like running a data center kind of, it is better to buy a token usually. What do you think the price of LTC could reach in the near future, if it continues to arise.

I am holding until $1000 with lightning network now working on litecoin mainnet…it should go to the moon and beyond…(pure opinion)

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Wait, lightning is enabled?! How do I use it?

I read an article yesterday that was apparently a post from Charlie Lee stating he got lightning working on some light wallet like jaxx or aomething…i dont know how much truth here is to it because I figure he’d be developing with core wallets if anything…i do know litecoin and bitcoin will be on lightning in the very near future though…

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That is good news, I read the first lightning transaction went through. Now I just need to learn more. People under value what it means. I think there will be a lot of tokens going forward.
heres the article…apparently it works on Zap wallet ???

“Lee’s Announcement Sparks Rally
The new advance seems to have been sparked by Litecoin developer Charlie Lee’s announcement that he had Lightning’s LND and a Lightning-enabled wallet installed and working on the mainnet. Lee posted a screenshot of a Lightning network-enabled Zap wallet.
Lee had previously stated that he was testing Lightning on the Litecoin mainnet, but today’s tweet confirms that the system is functioning correctly.”

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I see $95 to $100 being tested this week after we had some consolidation this week.

With the recent pull back after almost hitting $100 it has stayed above the 6 hour chart trendline with new money coming in now…I see $100+ soon again!! Buying more!

It already has come down to 73!

yeah so that means buy in…

have lost lot of money trading litecoin
how do i find courage now

you didn’t loose anything if you still have the litecoins you bought…you only loose when you sell and the price is lower at that time than when you bought…
you still have what you bought…just means that you don’t need to sell right now because you havn’t made a profit yet…just hold until the price goes back up…
counting your dollars against the amount of coins you have is pointless because the number always changes…especially since your not cashing out at that very second anyway…just buy some coins and set a high sell and it will eventually sell as long as you aren’t asking too much…
if oyu want to hold dollars then hold dollars…if oyu want to hold coins then hold coins…if you want to make dollars with coins then you have to set a sell higher than what oyu bought for and leave it…don’t get pissed off because the price goes down…buy more so you can make more when it goes back up (same goes for up and down, high and low, in and out, forward and backward…etc…
I’ll say what I always say…THIS IS NOT A BANK…IT IS TRADING!!! you have to take the bad with the good and the good with the bad because you cant have bad with out good and cant have good without bad