How high LTC will go?

So we will sell !!

i think LTC could go to $100 or 0.02 BTC

I like thinking in terms of BTC and I certainly think we could see 0.02 BTC this year, regardless I just hope the movement is slow and steady rather than fast and furious, at least until the BTC ETFs get going

LTC can fall very quickly. Usually, the fall is faster than growth.

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Its common for crypto

it happens to any exchange instrument

strong arguments)))

Well…I jumped back in on the FOMO for LTC at 158.65 LTC at $94.65 per LTC. (yep…always jump in the FOMO pool when the pool is being drained…)

Anyway, I’m back in LTC again from ZERO…due to the fact of

  1. meh…hard to be a moderator on here without any LTC.

  2. mimblewimble

  3. halving August 2019

  4. I can’t believe that with the price of BCH (Bitcoin Cash) that LTC will never get
    to at least 2/3rd of that amount …that would be about $210 LTC. If, IMHO, that
    is not the case…all crypto is smoke and mirrors if BCH continues to be 3x as much
    as LTC and I should probably bail from all, in case of tulips anyway!

  5. I was bored. Idle hands are the devils workshop and all that…don’t ya know …plus FOMO.

Anyway, last of my discretionary cash I can spend on speculation this year. Not counting
my attic mining of stuff in attic to eBay and then to crypto. The only mining i recomend now, go to
attic and sell stuff bit by bit you’d otherwise die with anyway…it is boring but crypto dust pan mining
works that way. :slight_smile:

we will be the first to know I guess…chump or champ


$100? Really? in 2019? You’re being really positive :smile:

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$94.43 currently…so $100 should not be an issue for LTC.

Really, it is very close to $100… there is high probability that LTC price will raise up to the new moon :slight_smile:

had time to buy probably?

look what i found hahaha
|June 2019|$108 USD|
|July 2019|$105 USD|
|August 2019|$113 USD|
|September 2019|$122 USD|
|October 2019|$142 USD|

Seems like we’re 4 months ahead. :wink:


I have been watching and listening to many people over the past few years
regarding Litecoin. Some predictions are targeting $1,000 per Litecoin
while one YouTuber states that Litecoin will have a BTC/LTC ratio of 1 to 4
(eg: 100K BTC / 25K LTC ) I don’t know what to make of this but if true,
would certainly be life changing for some people I am sure. :sunglasses:

We almost saw 0.018 BTC/LTC in early April 2019 bitcoin took off to the moon so I think we could see 0.025 BTC/LTC this year (currently ~ 0.0129 BTC/LTC)

I think once new money sees that its faster and cheaper to send small amounts around with Litecoin, they will just get some of the top altcoins.

All is relative to bitcoin and I think $1000/LTC and 0.025 BTC/LTC could both happen this year :rocket:

I cаn’t give exаct forecаsts аnd to be honest, I look аt them myself on despite the fаct thаt I hаve been doing the trаding for а yeаr but I аm still not а professionаl.

Litecoin (LTC) attracted a lot of investor interest after making headlines in December 2017.

Litecoin on the other hand reached an all-time high of $375 in mid-December 2017.

The action in altcoins has become coin specific, meaning, traders should remain with those that are in an uptrend as they are likely to follow Bitcoin if it moves higher.