How do I transfer the blockchain from one computer to another?

I have litecoin-qt installed on two different linux computers. One I use to support the network as a full node, hence the blockchain is always up-to-date or nearly so, the other computer will be a wallet and mostly offline. I want to update the blockchain on the wallet computer by copying blockchain data from the full-node computer. I copied all the data from the full-node “blocks” directory, including the index data, to the wallet computer. When I start litecoin-qt on the wallet computer, it starts downloading the blockchain from the start as if I hadn’t already copied that data into the blocks directory. Am I missing something? How should I do this?

that is not how you do it…you only need the wallet.dat file which is your backup file
just replace the wallet.dat file in the .litecoin folder with your backup and rename it wallet.dat
you can either restore form a backup or you can use the blockchain and pay a fee by sending from one address to another…
you can also import the private key the keys are locked behind in conosle: open up console and type:
importprivatekey (privkey)
after you unlock the wallet if it is encrypted
type “help” in console if needed for all available comands

But I’m not moving the wallet data. I want two separate, independent litecoin core applications. One is not a wallet and is online to support the network. One is offline (mostly) and will be my wallet. I’m looking to save network bandwidth (and ISP bandwidth) by avoiding downloading the blockchain twice which is very wasteful.

It should be simple and easy to sneaker-net the blockchain from one device to another and yet I can find no info about it.

OK, I found out how to do this finally. My mistake was to not copy the “chainstate” directory over to the other device. That is, both “blocks” and “chainstate” directories have to be copied over to the new litecoin-qt app for it to start downloading where the other device left off.

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One way to do it is disconnecting the internet and having both computers on same network. So you can addnode=ip.of.synced.fullnode and it will download the blockchain fast.
From manpage of bitcoin.conf

Use as many addnode= settings as you like to connect to specific peers.


Use as many connect= settings as you like to connect ONLY to specific peers.