How do I send LTC from my wallet to another wallet?

Hello, I’m new member of LiteCoin community. I have a paper wallet, deposited by Perfect Money on an online exchange website. I need to send 10 LTC from my wallet to my friend’s wallet. But, the issue is that I don’t find any reliable or official platform to do this process. I know how to deposit my LTC wallet, but I don’t know how to transfer my LTC to another LTC wallet. Do I need to download a software? or is it possible on an online website? Please help me. Thank you so much.

you need to download a LTC wallet. please download one from a reputable source. (

Them you need to import your paper wallet to that software and send the coins…

if after that you want to go back to paper wallet… create a new one and send your coins to that.

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Depending on your operating system choice your link. Also if you youtube key words “using a bitcoin wallet” or “how to send bitcoin”. No matter the Currency all wallets work the same. They all need a send address to send money which this address comes form the person you are sending the money too, When your receiving, you have to provide the sender with a Receiving address.

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if you still need help i can assisit you. I help my custmores all the time, I do Hvac work and convince custmores who pay me with check or credit card to pay me with Virtual Currency instead. I work them through a whole process singing up with coinbase and using there User friendly interface.

Whats funny is 6 out of 10 customers call me back asking about cloud mining,Asic miners and so ON…LOLOL
After I show them how to send and recivie Virtual money LOL they always call me back asking more and more about VC lol I might start a side business consulting people and showing them how to “USE” there vitraul Money.

Trying to convince my family to open a Virtual Currency Exchange here in my home state, but my family docent believe in virtual Currency. Hence why i accept it and function with it to prove them wrong. Which i have but they are afraid of the tech and your question made me think of my family and how i wish one of them would ask me for this kind of help so here i am offering you my help to you.Your the people we need to help so i can get my family on the same page!

My advice to you is get familiar with READ EVERYTHINHG then email me!