How do I recover a litecoin wallet with 12 phrase paper key

I have an address to which I sent LTC…using block chain- I can see the LTC still there on date. I have the 12 word paper wallet key…how do I get my LTC back?

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I can’t post a link here but search for 12 words on this forum for instructions on wallet recovery. Or google wallet recovery for your particular wallet

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Thanks. This is really interesting, because I used the 12 words in a litecoin core wallet on my phone and it came back with zero balance. However, I have a public address which shows abut 14LTC in it, which would mean that I have 14LTC… or am I wrong? I also have 5 LTC wallets…and all of them show zero balance in an unsynchronized block chain… or am I a complete noob?

Also, will the core show the correct balance only after it syncs 100%?

Probably need to let the wallet sync, but I’m no expert…

Do you know what wallet you were using? It might’ve been called LoafWallet (now LiteWallet) or Electrum-LTC. Just try those and wait for the sync to finish.

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