How do I mine LTC?


Hey…looking at miners, it’s just that I know zilch about this. Any help out there besides vague videos? I am buying an Antminer and have a few futurebit mini-miners…Thank you in advance…T


hardly pays IMHO…at least not at 10c kWh electric. Go to and do a search (google or on site) of bitmain L3+. You can probably get them on eBay for $80 with shipping. You usually need a Bitmain L3++ PSU that may go for the same amount (maybe or less) for $80 with shipping. For your $160 investment it likely will take 2 years to get ROI back of that $160. Better off at this time ‘attic mining’ that means go to attic…sell crap you likely will die with on eBay, because too lazy to sell. Then convert that to LTC or BTC and hope for a pump to 10k again. IF crypto goes tulips, you have an empty attic (in my case) and make it a rec room and your house value goes up 10k. (win/win/win). Again, once you have the Bitmain L3+ and PSU google Bitmain L3+ and supposedly that thread will show you how to mine LTC and/or at that point you can ask on here again. But if you expect LTC to pump, better off hodl’ing the LTC IMHO, then getting equipment. There is little or any scrypt-pow LTC miners of any note new/used or otherwise that are worth running. Indeed, I sold all mine, that were paid off, in that again at my 10c kWh I lost $$$ each month vs just hodl’ing LTC. Ask around here and bitcointalk you, we are in the duldrums of equipment for the next 6-9 months IMHO. Indeed, my own view is home mining is dea for me and likely any data hall operation at 5-10c kWh in the states when you add fees/shipping of equipment etc is likely NEVER going to come back for 1-2 years. Anyway, hodl coin of any type LTC/BTC or whatever is the smart move and/or the above sell a bunch of crap you don’t need on eBay and get crypto LTC that way. But as far as home mining this ‘attic minining’ of selling crap on eBay for crypto LTC etc is the only way to fly for the next year.


Wow,disappointing a bit but, great advise. Thank you for your frankness…T