How do I find where I transferred my litecoins to?

I transferred my litcoins to one of my friends accounts and he doesn’t remember which account he opened up for me to transfer my coins to. I transferred from my coinbase account to his account which is unknown. I have the address I transferred the coins to as well as the blockcypher output infor and spent address. How do we find where those litecoins have been transferred to, given the info I have?
thank you

the address you sent the coins to is his “receiving address” so just send him a copy paste of the address you sent the coins to and he needs to find that address to find his coins

check the address you sent the coins to at blockcypher and just make sure you click Litecoin blockchain as some Litecoin address will show up on bitocin blockchain with 0 balances…so select litecoins blockchain and you should see the coins…assuming your transaction was broadcast correctly