How do I engage in Mining here?

Hi, I do get started in Litecoin mining? Am new here.


I have mined LTC and BTC, BCH, BCV for 7 years. For 2 years I did mostly LTC. The only way to profitably mine LTC now is to invest in BITMAIN or equivelant (if there is one) current model LTC miner BITMAIN Shop
You also need to have WHOLESALE electricity or none of this will profit you. You can have power company install a business meter along side your residential meter so they CAN give you wholesale rates (since the power is not going to your residence). If you run at least 3 of these machines you can get your average power cost down. They charge you near residential rates until you get past a certain amount of useage. One machine is not enough. So at least $20,000 for machines (3) + $4000 to an electrician for new meter base and panel. Learn to wire with 240V and BUILD your own power cords.
Mining is not a casual hobby, it is a commitment, but you can heat your house for FREE and buy crypto at a discount everyday, if done right with current highest rated miners. OTHERWISE JUST BUY YOUR CRYPTO.

Not sure why you would have a problem. I have bought 60 machines from them with no problems. I always pay in bitcoin but they do accept international money wires for dollars.

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