How do i convert my litecoins to bitcoins?

Hi i have some litecoins on a wallet on my computer.
I would like to exchange or convert does litecoins in to bitcoins so that i can later sell my bitcoins for SEK (Swedish kroner)

Do you guys have any guide or site you can recommend who can help me with this?

Thanks for a great forum!

You can sell them for Bitcoin at any major exchange website. Do you have an account in any of them?

You could also make a p2p operation with someone you trust and has Bitcoin.

I use

works ok…sometimes they have a max you can move at one time and always put in your backup

ltc address in case you mess up and it bounces

but unless i messed up it has never choked for me

It’s really simple. You have to buy Bitcoins from an exchange and you are going to pay them with LiteCoins. That’s it, you don’t have to worry about anything more. I’m pretty sure all of the well known exchanges would love to have your LiteCoins.

You can set up a BTC wallet where you can send your LTC coins.

Wallet for LTC and BTC are-
BTC wallet recommendations are- Choose your wallet - Bitcoin
LTC wallet recommendations are-

You can convert your LTC to BTC after you have set up the wallet using coinswitch. co

shapeshift is very limited in the amount of coins per transaction.

Better register on an exchange like bittrex and exchange them there