How do I buy Litecoin

How do I buy Litecoin?

Coinbase is the best and easiest way to buy it

this if you are on USA, depending on you county there may be better options.

but basically you can join an exchange or purchased directly from other users, the first option bring the safes

METHOD 1: You can buy LTC from any of the exchanges dealing with fiat to crypto in your geographical area since I do not know your geographical area I can not recommend you any.

METHOD 2: You can buy BTC from any exchange providing service in your geographical area.

METHOD 3: If you have BTC you can exchange to LTC from using this link- https: //

METHOD 4 : You can exchange BTC to LTC from Binance

If you were unable to find out, yourself, how to buy litecoin it makes me wonder why you want to buy it and it makes sense to buy it in your case.

Coinbase is a really nice starting point, you can buy btc/ltc/eth on their exchange.
As a bonus, you will get an additional FREE $10 worth of Bitcoin for every $100 you spend.
Just use the link below to sign up:

Good luck!!

Why do you exactly have to be tied up to a geographical area?

Open this guide and scroll to Litecoin 101 - Buying and Selling

There you have step by step instructions.

If you are in Singapore or Canada, you can buy with Singapore dollars or Canadian dollars on my exchange

People from other countries can wire transfer USD to buy as well.

I am doing it with Coinbase and I never had any problems so far.

Coinbase is good. If you are unsure, this guide will walk you through