How can i sync my android and desktop LTC wallets?

Hello, I have a litecoin wallet in my android phone using the litewallet app. I wanted to know if there is a way to transfer the account to my litecoin core wallet on my desktop. I have the paper key available. Thank You

If I understand correctly you have a Paper Wallet, if that is correct you simply xfer the LTC from your phone to your wallet using the send function to the address you have on your desktop wallet. If you have a true paper wallet in a safe place like a safety deposit box and of course such a paper wallet has your private keys printed out (you lose a paper-wallet and private keys and all is lost).

Anyway just leave it alone. I myself have the above and simply have the LTC address (public) as a link on litecoin explorer on my bookmarks. Thus if I want to add LTC to the paper wallet I simply send to that address link (to keep track) Have all my crypto set up this way with paper wallets in the safety deposit box.

If you want to completely use/spend or move your litecoin you do have to swipe it into say your desktop app completely with one shot.

But me I HODL mostly all crypto. You also can by crypto from coinbase or where ever and just send it

directly to the paper wallet as I show above.

Again, if you have paper wallet. If not you simply need to send from the LTC address on the phone the amount you want to send on the LTC address on the computer with its own wallet and move funds that way. Again, if I need to buy something with crypto i simply pay and then send such ‘dust’ amounts from
coinbase to the vendor or whatever. Mostly i have been in HODL mode with BTC/Crypto/LTC so that is the route to go IMHO.