How can i mine litecoin using my cpu?

You won’t be able to profitably mine Litecoin, you will spend a ton more money on electricity than the Litecoin you mine. There is instead dedicated hardware which is a lot more efficient called ASICs.

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CPU mining is a great way to learn how Litecoin mining works if you don’t have access to better hardware. Your profit is the knowledge obtained.

If you can get your CPU Litecoin miner running successfully, check out the HyperBoost Alpha Test at’s P2Pool node. With a HyperBoost, almost any hashrate you can generate will be profitable right now. We’re seeing hashrates as low as 50 KH/s profit over 25,000% after hitting just one share while on HyperBoost. It’s crazy!

We’re currently giving away a free 500+ MH/s HyperBoost to Active Miners every 15 minutes.

Good luck!


I actually have an apollo pointed there, pool hit 6 blocks for Jan so far.

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Awesome! We hit 2 blocks less than 2 hours apart last weekend with a double payout for everyone in the sharechain. P2Pool has been very lucky this month. We are due to block again anytime now.

I might have to check that link that you sent and see if it will work for me. honestly, I also have no clue about how mining LTCs really take place because I don’t have the right hardware for it. So I might have to check these instead, thanks!

P2Pool has been lucky! We just hit block #1994629.

nice start to the month! Let’s keep it going!