How can i get LCC?

I have LTC in the Binanc
Does it give me LCC too ? and how can i get it ?

your only option is to wait for them to support LCC, and maybe give you your share…

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Thank you for your guidance

the only way to claim a forked coin is to download a wlalet and import the private keys into it…DO NOT SEND YOUR PRIVATE KEYS TO ANY WEBSITE OR SEND YOUR COINS TO ANY WEBSITE.
at the time of a fork…the balance is the same on both chains…so say you have 5 LTC…you also would have 5 LCC when you download the LCC wallet…
however…all the searching I have done there is only a facebook page for LCC…and no downloadable wallet…
I have only found people getting ripped off by being instructed to send their coins to websites or private keys…
that is how coins get stolen…

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5ltc = 50lcc,. it is a 10x ratio.

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Hi, good afternoon. I have litecoins in the coinbase. To get Litecoins cash will I have to do the process transferring to litecoin desktop wallet and then send the address to litecoin cash wallet? Can I still get it after the fork? Is there a time limit until when will I be entitled? Is there a safe process I can do today for example? tks

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time pass already.

maybe someday coonbase will give you LCC

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You should have moved your LTC to a wallet you control yourself before the LCC fork.
Now the only thing you can do is hope Binance will eventually reward you with your LCC coins some day. It might even never happen. Who knows.

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download the litecoin cash wallet here:

once it is done syncing…replace the wallet.dat file in the litecoin cash appdata folder with your litecoin wallet.dat backup file…make sure to rename it wallet.dat and then start liteocin cash-qt your coins should pop up…

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Unfortunately, I have not been given to LCC:cry::cry::cry::cry:

How can i get publick key for LTC ?

download a litecoin wallet and click “receive”…then “request payment”

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First of all Create an account in Yobit or coincodex then Transfer LTC from Binance to Yobit and then exchange you lTC to LCC that’s it.



all you need to do is download the wallet and restore you backup into the LCC wallet…DO NOT SEND COINS ANYWHERE TO CLAIM LCC…YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!