How can I buy mining machines

How can I buy mining machines

Why would you do that? There is a ‘whole slew’ of BTC whales who bought the latest AntRack BTC miners as an example in July 13th or so…when BTC was $9,244 or some such…and they were supposed to get such in Jan 2021…but then …‘gasp’ BTC jumped to now around $36.5K or more and Bitman stating pandemic and other issues say will arrive end of March 2021…

I’ve seen this game before…Bitmain will ‘fill’ its own data halls first and drive up difficulty by 1/3 then you get your stuff…indeed in the past with these games I waited for 5 months for my LTC miners supposedly with a Jan 2017 (? think it was 2017) firmware glitch…while Bitmain drove up LTC difficulty massively …I got the machines finally end of that summer…and they were dusty/used and you guessed it firmware was still Jan 2017 version they said was broke.

I suspect these AntRack Modules will allow ETH and LTC as well as BTC so wait for this game in these as well

I’ve seen this done by Bitmain as an example 3 times at least since 2013 and others also

If you order a Bitmain miner now they say August 2021

So all those guys that bought as pre-order and got bumped to March 2021 will never frigging

ROI…so if you expect a BTC pump to ‘pay for’ your equipment …that game never works anymore

indeed…I’d bet they move the AntRacks back to May 2021 and again claim pandemic issues

it is how Bitmain and all mnfg of any flavor of asic miners roll…they ‘all self-mine’ and take all the

inventory when the price of whatever algo coin pumps and then take the pre-ordered stuff for their own

data halls and you are left holding the empty bag that your btc that now has gone up 3x has gone.

Just HODL LTC or BTC on a pump…the game is rigged now for big data halls. Only mining i recommend is attic mining…sell junk out of attic or rummage sales or go to estate sales…sell for 3x the worth on eBay…and buy LTC or whatever…you have a clean attic and rec room and a lot of LTC dust.

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I agree with his narrative. The chances of surviving in mining are pretty slim. Buy some crypto and HODL. This is the best strategy which can provide you good benefits.

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I agree with the above.

Also, I could use a clean attic and restart eBay sales, use PayPal, and just collect LTC on PayPal and hold, and use when desired.

However, I’d still like some dedicated LTC miners. I’m willing to install solar for the additional power and have a wired working shed ready.

If you order something from Bitmain now it is August 2021…if you ordered from Bitmain around October…the price is 3x as high for BTC you paid with and the shipping date was stated as March 2021 two months ago…I’d say more likely May 2021 now. You’d have been better off on either of the above by just HODL’ing BTC or LTC. (Bitmain takes both I think) :slight_smile:

Also this out yesterday to make it all much, much worse.

I have about 9 other reasons not to buy ASICs at this time (or maybe ever again)

So you should just sell stuff you don’t need and get BTC dust as a ‘low’ risk way to accumulate



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