Home generated electricity for litecoin mining possible?

Would you be able to use things like solar panels to power litecoin miners so as to eliminate loss of profit through having to pay large amounts of money for electricity?


I think this is a great idea, You definitely can, you have to connect the necessary amount of solar panels to keep the intensity of the electricity so the mining farm keep working

my uttility will not allow such if you make more than 10% of your previous years bill. With usa subsidies by federal government mostly down…it is not worth 21k to run 2 bitmain miners and the house. :frowning: I have a brother who was grandfathered in did it a few years ago the utility gives him $400 a month. So the fix is in with utilities to kill decentralized solar and make you do their local solar farms, at least in midwest USA. :frowning:

In order to continue my story , this is possible, but you will lose a lot of money for the solar panel and installation process as this one is tricky. More than that, I don’t think you will be able to have enough power cumulated to keep the mining farm working in the late night. Frankly speaking, I would really recommend you to change your electricity supplier, for a better one with a lower tariff, this will be better. At least you can try to have a look, you will need to use usave service for that, enter your postal code and have a look at the available suppliers in your area. You will be able to see the difference and you will see that this is not expensive at all. Hope this answer will help you